Complete Hair Salon Equipment List

So you decided on starting your own business and opening a brand new salon. Our congratulations! You’re sure excited and full of ideas, but there’s also plenty of hard work ahead and lots of salon expenses to cover. While calculating your budget you will undoubtedly ask yourself (or the internet): What equipment is needed for a salon? Let us help you with a comprehensive hair salon equipment list divided into categories so you can easily find everything you will need to provide the best quality services to your future clients.

Salon Furniture


Consider your salon’s layout, design. Furniture pieces are usually the biggest and the most expensive pieces of equipment. They need to fit well and be comfortable.

  • Reception desk

  • Reception chairs

  • Salon chairs

  • Hair styling stations

  • Backwash units (shampoo stations)

  • Carts and trolleys

  • Salon retail stands

  • Lighting

  • Magazine rack

Salon Electric Equipment


The choice here very much depends on the services you are going to provide and how many stylists will be working in your hair salon at the same time.

  • Hood dryers

  • Heat lamps

  • Blow dryers

  • Hair straighteners

  • Hair curlers

  • Hair clippers

  • Washing machine and a dryer (for towels)

Hair Salon Tools and Supplies


Talk to your stylists, which tools and accessories they consider essential. Keep your budget in mind but remember that reliable equipment is often expensive for a reason. Consider buying just what you really need from the very beginning and purchasing some things later as your hair salon business grows.

  • Shears and scissors

  • Rattail Combs

  • Wide-Toothed Combs

  • Round Brushes

  • Vented Brushes

  • Paddle Brushes

  • Hair cutting capes

  • Salon towels

  • Hand mirrors

  • Hair water spray bottles

  • Hair clips

  • Aprons

  • Hair cutting capes

  • Salon latex gloves

  • Towels

Salon Manager Equipment


While not directly related to cutting hair, this equipment plays an essential role in your business. From booking appointments for your clients and collecting payments to organizing your salon’s schedule and optimizing your stock.

Hair Salon Equipment Checklist


To make it even easier for you here we uploaded a salon equipment checklist for you to work with while planning your future hair salon business. Download it, add your notes and remarks, let us know if we forgot anything!

Hair salon equipment checklist
Hair Salon Equipment Checklist




It’s easy to get confused with all the things you need to think of when opening a hair salon, choosing location, staff, and, of course, all the hairdressing tools and equipment. But the result is totally worth it! We wish you luck and patience and hope that our hair salon equipment list could be of help to you.


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